welcome to Tentakel eSports

The project Tentakel.me started at 1 april, 2015 as a League of Legends team. We thought other people should get a chance aswell to be part of the fun!
When we picked up on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive the numbers have increased constantly.
Our goal is to give gamers a chance to play with other people that share the same passion for a game. We have a friendly but yet competitive clan that likes a healthy environment.

Cups & Tournaments

The advantages of being a Tentakel.pro member.

Requirements for membership

What we are looking for is pretty simple:

Where you can find us

If you have any questions, send an email to info@tentakel.pro
So if you are looking for a team, wether it is playing for fun or competitively feel free to sent us your appllication!



Challengeme.gg 5v5 #53 Cup - Place #1




Bennett Schröder

Graphic Artist

Christoph Schatz


Jan-Niklas Mühlbauer


Nico Rudolph

CS:GO Manager